Metal detector SK 2200 Sanko Vietnam

Introducing Sanko Vietnam SK 2200 Metal Detector

  • Ability to operate stably and continuously thanks to the latest technologies with little impact even in conditions of vibration and electrical noise.

  • The high-quality detector can detect small pieces of iron with super high sensitivity (10 times more than the standard type) by improving the sensitivity of the detection electrode surface.

Detect iron fragments such as needles, broken needles, stray pins in loose fabric items such as fabric, carpet, felt, non-woven fabric, and rolled fabric.

Detects small pieces of iron such as steel wire, bolts, nuts, tags, needles in rubber, plastic materials, plates, boards, cardboard, various industrial items.

Technical specifications of Sanko Vietnam SK 2200 metal detector

Detection method


Detection ability

Max. 50~60mm with setting pin
Max. 10 mm on the detection face with φ0.3× L2mm

Detection Area / Passing Width

56mm~4448mm (width varies in 72mm units)

Alarm devices

LED lights, horn

Energy sources

AC100~240V, 50/60Hz


Main body : 280(W)×110(H)×230(D)mm
Probe(sensor): 306~4698(W)×91(H)×100(D)mm


Main body: 3kg
Probe (sensor): about 3~55kg


* Detection position is divided: 2~4 channels


Voltage-free contact output capacity 250V 5A


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