Articulated Robot IRB 1300 Robot khớp xoay ABB

Introducing Articulated Robot IRB 1300 ABB Swivel Joint Robot

The IRB 1300 has up to 27% faster cycle times to increase productivity and efficiency, while 26 quality cycles ensure product reliability.

It is smaller in size and can be easily mounted in small spaces, on a workbench or machine, and the weight reduction of up to 60% makes application and deployment much easier.

The IRB 1300 provides class-leading lift, reach and path accuracy, in a faster, more compact package to enhance both production line productivity and flexibility. 

The IRB 1300 six-axis industrial robot has the reach and lifting capabilities to serve high-load applications in electronics, general industrial, food & beverage, logistics and tier 1 automotive manufacturing. Available three main load/reach versions - 11 kg/0.9 m, 10 kg/1.15 m and 7 kg/1.4 m - 11 kg variant offers the highest payload of any robot any of the same type.

Fast production is assured thanks to the IRB 1300's 27% cycle time improvement. Combined with its greater payload and reach, the IRB 1300 can be used for a variety of tasks in material handling applications. materials, machine care, polishing as well as assembly and testing.

Meeting the need to maximize production capacity while saving space, the ABB IRB 1300 is nearly 60% lighter and only 1/6 the size of ABB's IRB 1600 robot. Occupying only a 220 mm x 220 mm floor space, the IRB 1300 allows more robots to be deployed in a given area.

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