SWIFTI™ CRB 1100 Robot ABB

Introducing SWIFTI™ CRB 1100 ABB Robot

  • With a TCP speed of over 5 m/s, it is 5 times faster than other cobots of the same type  
  • Up to 10 times higher position repeatability (0.01 mm) than most cobots in its class  
  • Interactive status light  
  • Includes SafeMove + SICK laser scanner 
  • Programming Wizard is simple yet powerful 
  • Four integrated air supplies allow vacuum selection 
  • Quality and reliability of industrial robots 
  • IP40 
  • Full safety certification 


The SWIFTI™ CRB 1100 is a lightning-fast cobot that combines industrial-grade performance and advanced safety.

It combines the best of both worlds: collaborative safety, high performance and precision.

SWIFTI bridges the gap between collaborative robots and industrial robots.

It enables proven safe cooperative operation even in applications requiring industrial-grade lifting capacity and speed.

SWIFTI offers a maximum Tool Center Point (TCP) speed of over 5 meters/second, 5 times faster than other 4Kg robots and comparable to industrial robots.

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