SCARA Robot IRB 920  Robotics ABB

Introducing SCARA Robot IRB 920 Robotics ABB

  • IRB 920 , the new generation of ABB SCARA robots, takes performance to a new level.
  • Leading speed in the segment
  • Excellent repeatability
  • Lightweight design
  • Increase connectivity
  • Rich configuration
  • The air duct has a larger diameter


SCARA Robot IRB 920 ABB Robotics is designed to meet the requirements of the electronics industry, the IRB 920 provides the highest levels of speed, precision and repeatability for a variety of assembly, picking and handle. With class-leading speed and compact design, the IRB 920 can be installed in a variety of locations to enable quick and cost-effective handling of loads up to 6kg, from single components to assembled products.

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