Single-arm YuMi IRB 14050 ABB single-arm

Introducing the Single-arm YuMi IRB 14050 ABB Single-arm

  • The single-handed YuMi is ABB's most compact and agile collaborative robot and can be easily integrated into any production environment 
  • It offers short cycle times, easy operation, lower investment and ease of integration 
  • Lower cost than dual arm YuMi  

The one-armed YuMi also features the same intuitive, easy-to-use guidance programming as the two-armed YuMi collaborative robot, meaning workers can easily and quickly guide the robot's movements and positions, helping Significantly simplifies robot programming. 

Combining this simplicity with the robot's deployment flexibility, it will help manufacturers in many industries offset skilled worker shortages and help reduce the barrier to entry for potential robot users. new, especially small and medium enterprises. 

Extremely flexible, the YuMi robot line can be combined with many configurations. 

For example, the one-armed YuMi can be used to load parts into the two-armed YuMi for added versatility, or added as an extra arm for more complex assembly tasks that require more than 2 robotic arms. 

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