NZ1PS-511-M Safety Sensing Euchner 

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Introduction NZ1PS-511-M Safety Sensing Euchner 

- NZ1PS-511-M Safety Euchner Euchner  is currently being distributed exclusively and widely by Jon-Jul Company in the Vietnamese market.



Switch direction
Right, left or both sides

Swing arm adjustment
The swing arm length can be adjusted from 28 mm to 78 mm in 12.5 mm steps.

Switching element
511 Quick-acting switching contact 1 NC + 1 NO

Technical specifications NZ1PS-511-M Safety Sensing Euchner 

Electrical connection values

Connection cross section 0.34 ... 1.5 mm²
Rated insulation voltage Ui 250 V
Rated impulse withstand voltage Uimp 2.5 kV
Utilization category  
AC-12 10 A 230 V
DC-13 6 A 24 V
AC-15 6 A 230 V
Short circuit protection according to IEC 60269-1 6A gG
Switching current  
min. at DC 24V 10 mA
thermal rated current Ith 6 A

Mechanical values and environment

Approach speed 0.5 ... 30 m/min
Connection type  
1 x M20 x 1.5
Number of NO contacts 1
Number of door position positively driven contacts 1
Actuating element  
Slide bearing metal Lever arm adjustable 
Actuating force mine. 15 N
Installation orientation any
Mechanical life 30 x 10⁶
Contact bounce time max. 3 ms
Switching principle Snap-action switching contact 
Contact closing time max. 4 ms
Degree of protection IP67
Ambient temperature -25 ... +80 °C
Contact Silver alloy, gold flashed
Housing Anodized die-cast alloy

Characteristic values according to EN ISO 13849-1 and EN IEC 62061

  B10D Mission time
Monitoring of the guard position 2x107 20 and

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