RPSME3131SC175M Pull cord switch pull limit switch Euchner Vietnam

Introducing 114981 RPSME3131SC175M Euchner Vietnam

  • Metallic material
  • Emergency stopping device with braking mechanism according to EN ISO 13850 and EN 60947-5-5
  • Zipper clip head
  • Shows accurate string tension
  • 3 M20 x 1.5 cable inputs
  • The switching elements have 4 switching contacts
  • Pre-failure monitoring of wire tension

Technical specificationsWiring diagram

Electrical connection value

Connection cross section 0.5 ... 1.5 mm2
Rated insulation voltage U  i 250 V
Rated impulse withstand voltage U  imp 2,5 kV
Category of use  
DC-13 0,27A 250V / 0,55A 125V
AC-15 3A 240V / 6A 120V
Short circuit protection according to IEC 60269-1 6A gG
Current conversion  
at 24V minute. 10 mA
thermal rated current  I 10 A

Mechanical and environmental value

Connection type  
3 x M20x1.5
Number of contacts NO 2
The number of contacts is actively promoted 2
Drive frequency max. 1200 1/hour
Impact force 175 N
Installation direction any
Mechanical life 0,1 x 10⁶
Switching principle Slow-acting switching contact
Protection level IP67
Wire diameter 2 ... 5 mm
Ambient temperature -30 ... +80 ° C
House Cast aluminum

Characteristic values ​​according to EN ISO 13849-1 and EN IEC 62061

  B10D duty time
Emergency stop 0,2x10 6 20 years


Other terms

Additional features  
  Emergency stop function
  Pre-incident monitoring

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