NG1HS-510-M 079927 NG.HS position switch, EUCHNER steel roller


HS roller arm (steel roller) Cable inlet M20 x 1.5

Switching element 510

Quick-action switching contact 1 NC + 1 NO

4 x 90° Horizontal and Vertical adjustment options

Switch direction Switch to the right, left, or both sides


Connection cross section 0.34 ... 1.5 mm 2

Rated insulation voltage U i 250 V

Rated impulse withstand voltage U imp 2.5 kV

Usage categories AC-12 10 A 230 V, DC-13 6 A 24 V, AC-15 6 A 230 V

Short circuit protection according to IEC 60269-1 6A gG

Convert current to minutes. at DC 24V 10 mA Ith thermal rated current 6 A

Mechanical and environmental value

Approach speed 0.1 ... 60 m/min

Connection type 1 x M20x1.5

Number of contact door positions NC 1

Number of contact door positions NO 1

Trigger factor 

Minute impact force. 15 N

Any installation direction

Mechanical life 30 x 10⁶

Maximum contact return time. 3 milliseconds

Switching principle Contact switching action fast

Maximum contact closing time. 4 milliseconds

Degree of protection IP67

Ambient temperature -25 ... +80 °C

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