Introducing 1-TRAK – INNOVATIVE TRACK SYSTEM Hepcomotion

1-Trak is a highly innovative track system that re-writes what is possible with linear and rotary motion, allowing any conceivable 2D shape to be realised.

Any 2D shaped track – While conventional track systems limit paths to simple combinations of straight and curved track segments, 1-Trak allows any conceivable 2D shape to be achieved, including reverse bends, curves of different radii and free-form curves.

Space saving – Where space is important, 1- Trak enables tight track return curves to be achieved, enabling track systems previously thought impossible, to be achieved.

Low maintenance – Thanks to V guide technology, 1-Trak is low maintenance and provides a long system life.

Unique Technology – A key innovation of the 1-Trak design is the patented 3 bearing carriage technology, which allows play free operation throughout linear and rotary travel.

Flexible – The 1-Trak system provides complete flexibility to meet the exact requirements of the application.

Saves time and money – Carriages can be gear driven around the track, negating the need for complicated drive systems, and reducing design and assembly time.

Load capacities are limited only by the maximum size of bearing at 150mm For applications requiring high stiffness and high moment load, slide width and bearing positions can be designed to suit the requirements 1-Trak can incorporate a base for a machine, complete with drive and all fixing holes

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