85H02011 Techno-Polymer electric actuator Model VB110 100-240V pot


Valbia model  VB110  ISO direct mount electric actuator.

Available voltage: 12V AC/DC, 24V AC/DC, 100/240V AC

Technology-polymer case. 

IP65 protection. 

With manual override and visual position indicator. 2 x limit switches are equipped to remotely indicate open and close positions. 

With electronic torque limiter, internal anti-condensation heater and PG11 electrical connection.


Mount ISO F07/F10 with 22mm star socket

Techno-polymer cover (self-extinguishing class V0)

Installed according to ISO 5211 standards

Manual override

Visual position indicator

Electronic torque limiter Anti-condensation heater 2 x

Mechanical limit switches for remote Open/Close position feedback 2 x PG11 power conduit inputs

Available with battery backup, potentiometer, positioner and also battery backup & positioner


This actuator does not have a 'Spring Return/Fail Safe' facility.

In the event of a power failure, the actuator will stop at the position reached before the power failure.

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