85H02019 Pneumatic actuator VB190 100-240V pot

Valbia Vietnam


Valbia offers a wide range of single phase quarter electric drives, available with different voltages (12V/24V/100-240V) and frequencies (50/60 Hz), with CE and UL and various protection levels (Type IP-UL).

Valbia electric actuators are suitable for automating a wide range of industrial and civil ball and butterfly valves with torques ranging from 15 to 350 Nm. Valbia selects, produces and uses high quality components to ensure high performance

The electronic circuit uses the latest components to ensure high control performance

Automatically adjusts motor speed according to load variations, consistently maintaining given working time

The electronic system for maximum torque control (torque limiter) and the heater with thermostat circuit are both integrated in the standard version and always operate automatically when the transmission is present. movement, ensuring continuous transmission protection.

The gear train is made of two steel and Technopolymer gears, inserted in a sturdy cast aluminum structure and maintained by hardened steel gears mounted on self-lubricating bushings, giving the set high durability mechanical parts

The actuators are equipped with a cast and painted aluminum plate according to ISO5211-DIN3337, to allow quick and direct connection to most commercially available valves.


  • Torque 190 Nm
  • Operating time 27 seconds ISO5211 F07/F10-star flange 17mm
  • Voltage 100-240VAC
  • Protection class IP67

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