Pneumatic actuator SERIES 82 MOD 32 Valbia Vietnam

Introducing Pneumatic Actuators SERIES 82 MOD 32 Valbia Vietnam

Valbia's 82 Series MOD 32 pneumatic actuator  is one of the leading products designed to provide efficient and sustainable solutions in valve automation.

With its modern design and high quality, this product is suitable for many different industrial applications, from chemical, oil and gas, to water treatment and many other fields.

82 Series MOD Pneumatic Actuators . 32 Valbia is widely used in industries

  • Chemical and Pharmaceutical, ensuring precision and durability in harsh chemical environments.
  • Oil and Gas, withstands high pressure and difficult environmental conditions.
  • Water Treatment, used in clean water and wastewater treatment systems.
  • Food and Beverage, ensuring safety, hygiene and reliability in production.

Technical specifications Pneumatic actuator SERIES 82 MOD 32 Valbia Vietnam

  • Torque, varied depending on the specific model, suitable for many types of valves.
  • Compressed Air Pressure, normally from 2.5 to 8 bar.
  • Operating Temperature, from -20°C to +80°C, depending on material and specific application.
  • Body Material, usually made from aluminum alloy or stainless steel.
  • Connection standard, consistent with international standards such as ISO 5211.

Location Name Material    
1 Body Extruded aluminum    
2 Anti-expulsion gear Steel    
3 O-ring NBR/FKM    
4 O-ring NBR/FKM    
5 Rings POM    
6 Prophet Steel    
7 Piston Die cast aluminum    
8 O-ring NBR/FKM    
9 Adjust screw Stainless Steel    
10 O-ring NBR/FKM    
11 Washing machine Stainless Steel    
12 Adjustable lock nut Stainless Steel    
13 left cover Die cast aluminum    
14 Right cover Die cast aluminum    
15 Cap gasket NBR/FKM    
16 Cap tightening screw Stainless Steel    
17 Location indicator TPE thermoplastic rubber TPE thermoplastic rubber    

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