SYElectromagnetic Water Meters Aichi Tokei Denki electromagnetic water meter


Measurement feature Accurate

Measurement of small flowrate

Measurement range 1:1000

Measurable water City water, plant water, agricultural water *1

Meter connection method Flange(JWWA standard) type

Body material Cast stainless steel

Flow path Cone structure


Outstanding durability with no moving parts

Since there are no rotating or sliding parts such as vane wheels or indicator gears, problems caused by wear on moving parts and ingress of foreign substances are eliminated.

Therefore, stable measurement accuracy can be maintained for a long time.

Highly accurate measurement whether the flow is continuously large or small The SU series has almost no pressure loss at the head when measuring maximum flow, suitable for measuring large continuous water supply and distribution flows.

The SY series is capable of measuring small flow rates with high accuracy thanks to its special structure.

Wider measuring range Wide measuring range up to 1:200 for SU Series and 1:1000 for SY Series.

Can measure with high accuracy from very small flows (minimum accurate flow rate) to large flows (maximum flow rate).

8 years of continuous operation with built-in battery Power consumption has been reduced to 1/1000 (according to Aichi comparison data) compared to conventional conventional electromagnetic flowmeters, and when using built-in lithium battery, Continuous measurement time can be achieved up to 8 years.

Therefore, no maintenance is required during this period.

Continuous display on easy-to-read LCD display A large and bright LCD display has been integrated to digitally display the built-in flow values ​​and instantaneous flow at all times. By using such instantaneous flow value, adjustment of water supply and distribution flow can be done easily.

Free mounting position allows installation anywhere With no mechanical moving parts, the meter can be installed in a horizontal, vertical or inclined position, allowing installation anywhere with very little Few restrictions on its location.

All-stainless steel body for exceptional durability Both the compact wafer type (SU)* and the easy-to-install flange type (SY) are made of all-stainless steel body that features long life.

*SU with nominal diameter 250, 300 and 350mm is flange type.

Flexible correspondence to different specific use systems Since these meters are equipped with an electronic signal output function, the installation of the transmitter for a specific use will allow flexible correspondence to various systems such as remote meter reading, automatic meter reading as well as monitoring and control.

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