Introducing Hepcomotion BALL SCREWS

Hepco ball screws offer a choice of screw diameters and pitches to suit a wide variety of applications.

Size and lengths to suit – Ball screw sizes are available from Ø6 – Ø50mm, with lengths up to 3000mm.

Wide choice of options – The range is also available with a higher precision ground ball screw.

High lead pitches (BSPM) for higher speed applications, and miniature ball screws for smaller-sized requirements are also offered.

With or without preload – All single nuts are available either play free or with controlled backlash to suit the needs of the application.

Rapid delivery available – Popular sized rolled ball screws available on short lead times.

C7/C5 ball screws for lower cost commercial or precision applications Ends machined to suit standard range of housings or specific application Bearing housing available as fixed and floating bearings Standard DIN nuts with rolled ball screws from Ø16mm to Ø50mm Miniature screw diameters Ø6mm to Ø14mm

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