HTS ball bearing telescopic slides are a high quality low cost solution for drawer applications.

Quiet, rigid and smooth – HTS delivers smooth, low friction motion across the complete travel length.

HTS remains rigid even under extended loads.

Suitable for light and heavy loads – The Super Slim lightweight series is perfect for light-duty loads when space is at a premium, while the Heavy Duty Units can carry up to 280kg.

Available from stock – Many of the most popular slides are available from stock, ensuring quick and convenient delivery.

Maximum choice – Broad range of standard lengths, as well as special lengths, multi-drawer slides and overextension runners also available.

Perfect for movements such as opening and closing of cabinets, guiding electrical equipment, in medical applications and other precision applications.

Any lengths can be manufactured according to requirements Zinc plated or stainless steel options are available depending upon the corrosion resistance requirements Many travel options available, including ¾ travel rails, or rails that over-travel to provide total and easy access to the drawer or components Telescopic Slides can also extend in either direction allowing access to drawer or components from either side of the cabinet or application

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