MINI-RAIL – MINIATURE LINEAR GUIDE Hepcomotion miniature linear guide

Introducing MINI-RAIL – MINIATURE LINEAR GUIDE Hepcomotion miniature linear guide

Miniature linear guide consisting of plain bearings in a two-piece design for quick installation and outstanding performance in demanding linear applications.

No catastrophic failure – Because it does not contain any rolling elements, Mini-Rail miniature linear guide reduces the risk of catastrophic failure.

Resilient – Featuring self-lubricating FrelonGOLD®, the system is tolerant to shock and requires very little maintenance.

Interchangeable and economic – Mini-Rail can replace industry standard linear guides and offers a more economical solution in many circumstances.

Quick to install – Because of its simple two-piece design, it is easy to install.

There are two design configurations in order to suit different requirements: precision and compensated.

Perfect for – Demanding linear motion applications from semi-conductor wafer handling to packaging equipment. Ideally suited for low and high temperature environments.

Corrosion resistant version also available Available in five sizes Up to 3600mm length Made of lightweight aluminium Linear bearings are interchangeable with miniature profile rails sizes 7 – 20mm Quiet and smooth in operation

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