A versatile transfer and positioning system, HDS2 heavy duty linear guide handles heavy loads with high reliability and precision.

Heavy duty – HDS2 carries loads up to 68kN, catering for the more demanding applications.

Extensive choice and compatibility

The system offers a broad range of components including carriages, bearings, slides, flat tracks and construction beams.

No need for absolute parallelism

The combination of V guide bearings, and roller bearings and flat tracks on a single axis allows for slight discrepancies in the parallelism, reducing set up times.

Low maintenance and long life

Thanks to V guide technology, HDS2 requires little maintenance, guarantees a long system life and is perfect for environments with debris.

Drive options available – An integral spur or helical rack drive can be supplied for a compact means of driving.

Perfect for large gantry systems with up to three driven axis, pick & place applications, palletisers, or any application with high payloads requiring precision.

Available as assembled systems for quick installation or as individual components to suit the needs of the customer Corrosion resistant, stainless steel version available Double row ball bearings and twin taper roller bearings for high axial and radial load capacity Can operate without lubrication if required Unlimited lengths available with matched and butted slides, allowing greater design freedom Rack driven carriage unit available Bearings can be removed from a system with a single screw, making the mounting and replacement process quick and simple High precision ground slides available to suit applications requiring accuracy and smoothness, or commercial slides for general use at a lower cost Works in any plane or orientation, allowing unrestricted use

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