CSM-207 Canneed Can Edge Thickness Measuring Device


CanNeed CSM series Can Seam Micrometer is used to measure seam thickness and length. The fine-tuning function helps avoid misalignment due to excessive rotation.

CSM-207  CanNeed packaging quality inspection equipment is currently widely distributed by Jon & Jul in the Vietnamese market.

Equipment is currently used in the fields of: Food, Electricity, Oil and Gas, Solar Energy, Textiles, Fiber, Plastic, Glass, Paper, Packaging,...


Technical data:
Measuring range: 0 – 9.00mm;
Resolution: 0.01mm

Similar models

CSM-208 is applicable to measure the seam thickness and length of flat bottom straight bottom cans.
CSM-207 is applicable to measure the thickness and seam length of aerosol cans and collared cans.

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