Aero Power Hopper (Filterless Type) APH Electric Hopper Matsui VietNam

Introducing Aero Power Hopper (Filterless Type) APH Electric Hopper Matsui VietNam

The Aero Power Hopper APH is a collection unit that removes dust and mixes using airflow energy in a single unit. 

While transporting raw materials, it is possible to mix Virgin raw materials and Regrind raw materials and remove unnecessary powder. APHG is intended for direct mounting to molding machines only. *APHG is designed on a one-time-use-one-blower basis.

Mainly used for small and medium molding machines. Please select the required model according to the one-time weight and cycle time of the molding machine. APHS has many variations. In addition to the viewfinder type, there is also a charging hopper type.

High powder mixing capacity Integrated suspension type Covered damper with anti-clogging measures for increased powder collection

Mixability. No power required Uses transmission power for mixing. No additional power required.

Stable mixing ratio There is no segregation during transportation because the mixing is done on the molding machine.

Simple cleaning Simple structure makes cleaning easy.

No dust, no static electricity Due to the use of air flow, no material breakage or static electricity occurs during mechanical mixing.

Matsui genuine products are constantly innovating, such as anti-clogging filters and level control for increased mixing precision.

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