Air Cooled Closed Type Water Cooling System ecobrid Air Cooled Closed Type Water Cooling System Matsui VietNam

Introduction Air Cooled Closed Type Water Cooling System ecobrid Air cooled closed type water cooling system Matsui VietNam

Ecobrid Dry Cooling is the next generation air-cooled closed cooling tower.

Because it is Closed type, there is no need to worry about water quality issues due to impurity concentration.

Furthermore, the Heat Exchanger is completely air cooled so there is no direct water splashing so there is no need to clean and replace.

Characteristics of ecobrid

1. Save energy By optimizing system operation, no wasted energy is consumed. Uses aluminum die-cast axial fan Driven by DC brushless motor. Compared with conventional cooling devices, the average power consumption has been reduced by more than 30%. Because it is an aluminum fan, it has excellent durability and requires no maintenance. Additionally, noise during operation has been limited to 57 dB or less.

2. Maintenance When the outside temperature rises above 30 degrees Celsius, in addition to the cooling fan operating at full speed, outside water will be sprayed into the adiabatic chamber to cool the passing air. Therefore, water does not come into contact with the heat exchanger. If the outside temperature drops below 0 degrees Celsius and is likely to freeze, the water inside the device will automatically be collected without using a valve to avoid freezing or cracking. No need to add antifreeze such as ethylene glycol. You can use it with confidence even on lines that cannot use ethylene glycol.

3. Safety Equipped with the latest microprocessor. The device's operating status can be continuously monitored using the backlight. When a problem occurs, the cause of the problem and the way to fix it are Indicated in the form of a warning message. Can respond smoothly. Additionally, because the temperature and pressure sensors needed for data collection are connected, production line management is possible.

4. Unification of components Unit components such as control panels, tanks and valves are integrated. Save implementation space. Because the components are integrated, on-site construction can be done quickly. In addition, the pump and cooling water tank are made of stainless steel so they have very good durability. ecobrid also helps reduce costs. Compared with open and closed cooling towers, ecobrid has a water saving rate of about 95%, an electricity saving rate of about 25%, no residue, algae, bacteria, etc. and requires almost no long-term maintenance. .. The investment can be recovered after 1 to 3 years.

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