MJ3 Dehumidifying dryer Matsui VietNam dehumidifying dryer

Introducing MJ3 Dehumidifying dryer Matsui VietNam dehumidifying dryer

The MJ3 provides stable low dew point dry air at -40°C and a vacuum feeder on a single platform.

This portable device prioritizes easy maintenance. The initial performance is maintained for a long time without the need to replace the adsorbent material in the honeycomb unit.

Features of MJ3

Reliably ensures stable drying conditions with honeycomb rotor. Independent drying and conveying circuits allow material to be transported without affecting drying conditions.

Safety SSR (contactless relay) for the heater control circuit reduces maintenance frequency and significantly improves safety.

Energy saving The use of a double hopper improves heat retention and contributes to energy savings. Compact and lightweight Combines a dehumidifying dryer and conveyor belt into a single unit.

Easy Maintenance All filter maintenance can be done from the operating side.

Flow diagram

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