RHCM Heat & Cool Matsui VietNam

Introducing RHCM Heat & Cool Matsui VietNam

Casting technologies known as high-speed thermal cycle molding (RHCM) and Heat & Cool molding are attracting attention from many industries as their innovative manufacturing methods have helped solve the problems of different types of plastic molding, solving environmental problems and improving productivity.

It has been widely applied. The controller is used for that.

Heat & Cool mold types can be supplied Pressurized hot water type (~160oC) Ideal for small moldings (up to 200 tons).

Steam type (~180℃) It can be used for various molding products.

Medium oil (~300oC) Most suitable for high temperature molding products.

Advantages of heat & cool molding No welding & surface gloss Post-processing steps such as polishing and painting are not necessary!

Improved transferability Beautiful patterns and textures can be copied at will!

Glass and carbon fiber are not exposed on the surface Resin with fillers can also be used for products that appear!

Improved liquidity Weight can be reduced by making the molded product thinner!

Shortened cycles due to rapid temperature rise and ex-cooling Reduced cycle times for thick molded products!

Confirm acceptance/rejection by monitoring mold temperature Abandoned shots are minimized!

Adopt new 3-way control valve Manifold In Out 12-way installed as standard.

The control valve and manifold are integrated.

The manifold can be installed separately (optional), which improves placement freedom and does not affect the heating cycle even when installed separately.

Steam is supplied directly to the manifold, so it heats the mold with high efficiency.

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