PLP Compressed Air Loader Matsui VietNam Pneumatic Excavator

Introducing PLP Compressed Air Loader Matsui VietNam pneumatic excavator

Pellet lined PLP is a compressed air feeder that conveys through small diameter tubes. The pipe is very flexible and does not take up space. Can be transported in multiple directions, suitable for large-volume, high-volume production.

Features of the pneumatic excavator "PLP"

1. Reliability No need to worry about moisture absorption because the product is delivered in batches (30g to 100g) to the molding machine.

2. Compact A tube with an internal diameter of 13 mm is used to transport the pellets pneumatically.

Ideal for foundries, if we can remove pipes and hoses from factories then the image of factories will be upgraded immediately. Of course, it's not easy. However, even if the pipe cannot be completely removed, the pellets can be transported by air using thin tubes or pipes.

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