DMD4 Dehumidifying dryer Matsu Vietnam dehumidifying dryer

Introducing DMD4 Dehumidifying dryer Matsu Vietnam dehumidifying dryer

A desiccant dryer and a vacuum pump providing stable dew point dry air for the optical molding process are combined in a single unit. The initial performance is maintained for a long time without the need to replace the adsorbent material in the honeycomb unit.

Characteristics of DMD4

Reliability Heat-resistant high-performance filter (0.3 μm/99.97%) is used for the drying filter to clean the hot air at the end.

In addition, our original push damper is used to prevent contamination during batch transportation.

Plastic Powder Removal Our original aviation electric hopper removes plastic powder by airflow while transporting the material.

Maintenance The cyclone separator, separated by dust weight, reduces the frequency of filter cleaning. Maintenance is possible during dry operation using a manually operated butterfly valve.  

Safety SSR (contactless relay) for the heater control circuit reduces maintenance frequency and significantly improves safety.

Flow diagram

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