Hopper Dryer HD2 Hopper Dryer Matsui VietNam

Description Hopper Dryer HD2 Hopper dryer Matsui VietNam

HD2 hopper dryer is an aeration dryer that dries plastic with hot air. High-pressure hot air rises through the gaps in the plastic, helping to dry it evenly in a short time.

Features of HD2

1. Reliability The outside air drawn in by the fan passes through the heater with adjustable measures and is evenly distributed from the outlet. So there is almost no difference between the set temperature and the resin temperature. The funnel uses Matsui's unique diffusion cone to prevent short passes.

2. Safety voltage trip type circuit breaker (SHT type) trips when the heater overheat alarm occurs. Additionally, an external overheat protection device is fitted as standard as an independent safety device, independent of the temperature controller.

3. Energy saving The heating box has a dual structure that both exchanges heat and insulates, and the lower part of the hopper, where the temperature is highest, also has a dual structure that greatly prevents heat dissipation.

4. Maintenance The small hopper has a Cylindrical section that opens around the hinge, while the medium and large hoppers have a large cleaning window to clean the inside of the hopper with just one touch.

5. Environmental measures To keep the factory environment clean, a long-life plate filter that is easy to install and remove is provided as standard equipment.

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