JSV JET SELECTOR Proportioning Valve Balancing valve Matsui VietNam

Introducing JSV JET SELECTOR Proportioning Valve Matsui VietNam Balancing Valve

Stable supply of extremely small powders and powders with poor fluidity.

Characteristics of JSV

1. Maximum Capacity Different types of materials such as raw materials and Regrind materials are Mixed proportionally in one unit, connected with Pneumatic Conveyor and Belt Conveyor (conversion time up to 20 second).

2. Reliable control The controller uses electronic circuit method so it operates stably for a long time.

3. Easy-to-understand indicators Because graphic panel indicators are used, the operating status can be immediately understood.

4. Minimum layout space. Because it is compact and streamlined, it can be attached to a pole or similar object and placed anywhere, saving valuable space. In addition, cleaning is urgently easy.

Measurement capacity, measurement accuracy and processing capacity may vary depending on target material and are for reference only.

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