MJ5-i Dehumidifying dryer Matsui VietNam desiccant dryer

Introducing MJ5-i Dehumidifying dryer, Matsui VietNam desiccant dryer

MJ5-i Dehumidifying dryer Matsui VietNam desiccant dryer is a smart dryer equipped with iplas self-control function developed by Matsui. Optimal control of drying air flow rate and regeneration air flow rate according to the amount of resin used on the molding machine side. Biodegradable plastics can be dried to an optimal state and save energy.

Waste heat is used to preheat the regenerative heating air, reducing the power consumption of the regenerative heater

Because the exhaust gas temperature is low, the load on the air conditioning equipment is reduced and electricity can be saved

1. Energy Saving Automatic Operation / Energy Saving Up to 75%!
Conventional machines consume the same amount of electricity regardless of the amount of drying. MJ5-i has realized energy savings by using only the appropriate Power according to the amount of drying.

2. Helps save electricity!
Due to the low exhaust temperature, the burden on air conditioning can be reduced, leading to electricity savings.

3. Reduce material change time!
The hopper door has been widened to reduce the time and effort required for cleaning when changing materials.

4. Free filter maintenance!
Equipped with a transport cyclone standard, reducing the burden on the filter and greatly reducing the frequency of filter maintenance. For daily maintenance, simply throw the plastic powder into the dust box. Additionally, the dust box can be removed and installed from the front.

5. Easy operation without “manual”
The controller centrally manages necessary information, such as checking various settings and operating conditions and responding to abnormalities . A touch panel is used for easy operation.

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