JL4 Jet excavator vacuum excavator Matsui VietNam

Introducing JL4 Matsui VietNam vacuum excavator jet excavator

JL4 vacuum air filling machine automatically loads materials. You can choose appropriate collection units to transport to each recipient. Additionally, JL4 supports 2 to 6 different transmission directions.

Features of JL4 Matsui VietNam vacuum excavator jet excavator

Compact Makes the best use of limited space in the factory. Smaller, cleaner and more efficient.

With the News Counter cleaning feature By setting the number of passes, the Indicator light tells you when to clean the filter, so you don't have to worry about clogging.

Large dust container Discharges dust easily. Dust discharge is simple by removing the cover (V type). Less maintenance further increases productivity.

Achieving low noise It cuts harsh metallic sounds and transmitted sounds to a minimum. (noise less than 80db).

Features of cyclone dust collector Cyclone dust separator can powerfully collect dust, reduce cleaning frequency and eliminate filter clogging. Even Regrind raw materials can be transported stably for long periods of time without loss of capacity.

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