MCC5 Water-Water cooling Chiller Matsui VietNam water chiller

Introducing MCC5 Water-Water cooling Chiller Matsui VietNam water chiller

The MCC5 mold chiller achieves consistent temperature and flow accuracy of ±1°C with its large tank, high-flow high-pressure pump and capacity control.

The twin-tube condenser is resistant to cooling water contamination and has a cleaning nozzle for easy cleaning, significantly reducing maintenance compared to conventional units.

Reliability Achieve ±1°C temperature accuracy by applying power control.

Improve temperature stability by using a large tank. High performance

By using large flow rates and high pressure pumps, stable flow rates can be achieved even when cooling molds with complex structures.

The operating temperature range has been extended to 5°C to 30°C, making it possible to handle a wider range of environments.

The control panel uses flat keys. Temperature display is 0.1°C (steps). 

Equipped as standard with external starter, warning output and siren. 

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